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Sicuani, Peru

In Peru, Carmelites care for the entire Diocese of Sicuani, a territory as large as the State of New Jersey. Parts of the diocese are 13,000 feet above sea level. Communities of desperately poor Quechua Indian people live in remote villages. Many of the children suffer from malnutrition and the terrible related diseases that go with it.

Since 1958 Carmelites have ministered in the remote Diocese of Sicuani in the Peruvian Andes. The people are Quechua Indians, like Maria Sara pictured here.

These little girls in the Diocese of Sicuani live in an area where thousands of people suffer from malnutrition and deceases like osteomyelitis, a painful infection of the bone.

"Mary is more mother than queen."
St. Thérèse, Patroness of the Missions
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